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New Grads and Home Health - good idea?

I live in the DC/MD/VA area. I have applied for every med-surge and RN residency program. It seems you have to know someone to get these jobs. The only people interested in me is a reputable home health agency. I have heard on from home health nurses that new grads and home health is a horrible idea. Because of our lack of critical thinking skills, experience, and the fact that no one is around to help, etc........

I have also heard that shift work as opposed to intermittent visits might be ok for a new graduate. Any ideas or advice???


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One Response to “New Grads and Home Health – good idea?”

  1. Amer Says:

    I’m going to agree with everyone above. Is nnuisrg still in demand? Not the same way it was in demand 7-8 years ago. When I first started nnuisrg, you could pretty much walk into any place and expect to get some kind of job.Now it is a lot more competitive. Older nurses had their 401Ks drained when the stock market crashed and can’t afford to retire. Younger nurses are flooding into the field because they hear it is a good career choice. Laid-off workers are also looking to nnuisrg after being laid off. Hospitals are having to make cut-backs right and left and they can’t afford to lay off physicians, but the nnuisrg staff is expendable.So you kind-of have a perfect storm.But here is what I think The economy is going to pick up again in a few years or so. Then stocks will go up again, the older nurses will be able to retire and some of the nurses supporting their families for their laid-off spouse will be able to go back home again this will create some movement in the field.So while I can’t say that I know of any particular state that has massive openings for RNs, I can say that if your heart is into it, there is a way to make a career out of nnuisrg. You just will have to really work hard at it the first few years.

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