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not being hired because of a conviction of reckless driving

Two years ago I was convicted of reckless driving. I am 57 yrs old and have never had any type of conviction in my life. I have juggle a nursing career and raised a family. Since then I have been unable to be considered for any nursing position as an Rn. I have been a nurse since 1989. My nursing career has been clean. I am a dedicated nurse and passionate in my role as a nurse. I applied at a school and was not even called for an interview. I have applied for a position at a VA Clinic. I was called by the clinc administrator, where I applied and was told that the VA stopped my background investigation and therefore I am eliminated to be considered for this job despite the fact that my background in nursing more than fits what they need. The clinic called me to apply for this Rn positon, because they had worked with me in the past and wanted me back. I have made contact with the VA as to why my investigation has been halted, by email, and have not received any response. I would appreciate any suggestion anyone has. Thanks Peg

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