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Nurses With Convictions About Doing Intimate Procedures On Opposite Sex

A nursing student said she felt that she could not do intimate procedures on male patients due to her convictions. I found this interesting, but I think that nursing and medical students have the right to refuse provide services based on convictions. Doctors are able to refuse to provide certain services based on consciences. Some male family practice doctors refuse to do intimate female exams or procedures based on convictions. You can find what she said below.

I am a Christian, and both my husband and I only see doctors/nurses of the same sex. We feel strongly regarding patient modesty that intimate procedures should only be performed by the same sex health care professionals. Right now I am in a dilemma though because I am also a first semester nursing student. Right now I am learning intimate procedures that are meant to be performed on both male and female patients. I have spoken to my professors asking if I can only perform these skills on female patients and so far have stared at me like I have two heads. When did it become okay for health professionals to perform intimate procedures on the opposite sex? What are some tips I could use to advocate same sex procedures?

I had a friend who didn't feel comfortable doing breast examinations on female nursing students in school. To his relief, he ended up not having to do this after all.

Are there any nurses on this forum who have the same conviction and were successfully able to get through nursing school without having to do intimate procedures on the opposite sex? If so, how did you stand up and get through nursing school successfully? I know there are some male mannequins that nursing schools will have sometimes. I think that female nursing students who have this conviction could do intimate procedures on the male mannequin. You can find an example of mannequins that nursing schools will use at

I really admire nursing students who have those convictions. But I'd like to get some tips on how they can be successful in nursing schools without violating their convictions. I believe that when they get a job, they could let the nursing supervisor know of their convictions. They just simply would not do intimate procedures on the opposite sex. There are so many other things that nurses do that are not intimate such as giving shots, hooking IV, etc. For example, let's say that a female nurse is very passionate about working with cardiology patients, but she doesn't feel that she can do intimate procedures on male patients such as urinary catheterizations.

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