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Where to begin to become a nurse?

Can anyone help me with a little guidance in this nursing field.

Mother of 3 who is ready to start a nursing career. Ever since having my kids in the hospital and seeing what these nurses do, I have been amazed and so eager to start a nursing career. My passion is to specialize in Labor & Delivery. Really don't know where to begin. Have heard many different ways, I just want the best way and the quickest way possible. Should I do LPN first then go for ASN??? And will I be able to go straight into L & D right after graduation or do I volunteer while in school??? Many people have told me to do LPN first to gain experience but I don't want to waste my time with that if it can't get me into L&D. Live in FL and heard they really don't hire LPN's for L&D. Really need to know the necessary steps to become a L&D Nurse. I'm turning 29 and time is ticking for me...

Does anyone have any advice, Thank You :=)


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