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Reinstatement of RN's license

How hard is it to get an RN's license reinstated in California after having to surrender it due to criminal matter. Even if you get your license back will employers hire you?


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One Response to “Reinstatement of RN’s license”

  1. Leslie Says:

    Yes, getting your license back is doable in any state. Some harder than others however it can be done but it is a daunting process. It also depends on what the crime was. The Boards main concern is patient safety and if you are safe to go back to work dependent on what the “criminal matter ” was. I would of coarse need more info about your case in order to give specific details, however if you have a felony you will not be allowed to return to any acute care setting. You could work in many other area but I have found that the moment they run a background check they will move on to another candidate. Thats why I left nursing. My charges were related to prescription fraud 7 years ago, even after being in recovery, taking responsibility for what I did and doing all I could to repay my debt to society they just were not interested in hiring me even after a lengthy explaination. I ended up returning to school to get another degree in health administration and policy and left nursing all together. I think it should be different because we are losing nurses we need and who have made their amends and could benefit our profession but they just don’t see it like that. If you do the right thing it will work out but yes, you can get your license back and yes you can find work, you will just have some limitations.

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