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Sample letters of appeals

Does anyone know of or have a sample letter to the board for requesting nursing license after a suspension or revocation? Anyone know specifically of an appeal letter after a revocation from not responding to a complaint? TIA

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2 Responses to “Sample letters of appeals”

  1. Ipank Says:

    Go for it!Some of the best nurses I have wrekod with have had military or law enforcement experience. As for being tired of being shot at, nurses do experience workplace violence, or the risk of it. An ER patient in a 12 bed hospital in the rural southwest I wrekod in 16 years ago did wrestle a gun from the officer we called for help. It was a tense situation, turned out Ok, thank God,It was an odd and gentle yet fast teamwork soccer game on the floor with the gun.Another time, a man turned a pointed paper spindle towards a very petite femaie new grad. doctor when she tried to keep him from stabbing himself with it. These situations are not routine, but you never know what will happen. Your experience handling crises will sometimes come in handy. A lot of psych nursing happens outside of big city behavioral units.GD Star Ratingloading…

  2. lj Says:

    you need to contact the person that is overseeing your compliance and put into writing that you reqest a hearing before your SBN for reinstatement as long as you have met all of your requirements and put your request in writting they sould put you on the agenda at the next session but be sure that you have met all of your requirements and your compliance officer knows what you are requesting .

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