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Student Nurse Charting

We have recently had to stop student nurses from charting their assessments on the computer. There was discussion about whether or not the student's charting could be used against an RN in a court of law if the assessments did not agree. There was also discussion about the RN who signed off on the student's charting be liable for that assessment when we felt the RN was only acknowledging that the student did chart.

Anyone else have this problem?


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One Response to “Student Nurse Charting”

  1. Meghan Says:

    From my understanding, by signing off on the student’s assessment, you are saying that you have verified his/her assessment of the patient, and have tailored your nursing care plan to this assessment. As the RN given the assignment, you are responsible for that patient. This goes for CNA vital signs or pt care as well-if they obtained an innacurate vital sign or the patient is harmed during their care, the RN is responsible. The CNA and student have some limited responsibility and liability, but ultimately it falls on the RN.

    As a new graduate, I was dissapointed to learn that our nursing students weren’t able to do much of anything but observe, review charting, and talk with the patients. However, after “working” with several students, I find myself relieved that I can’t be held liable for their care. Once in a while I come across a student who is eager to learn, and I am eager to teach all that I can. But the others…they are lucky that I’m not their instructor.

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