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Misdemeaner misunderstanding, what happens to my nursing license

OK where to begin, I'm an rn in a level 1 hospital. In a compact state , ne. I did not steal the med morphine or tordal but I did leave the property with it and realized and was gonna return it, we got pulled over for speeding and the cop had to call work I got fired for theft, the medications were identified by me on the spot and they were both still capped and the medication still in the vials, but with that traffic stop they searched my car well guess what I had in my car, crystal substance and methodone tablet, right now they are charging me with two felonies, no the drugs were not mine and yes I share that car with my husband, who is now getting help, I have never had an action against my license and I have done drugs in the past but never stolen or been convicted of anything. I have done my part and am going to get an eval done for the courts, but what happens to me when I don't drink alcohol, if I do a drug it's like once every 6 months, and I have offers so many times to do a pee test for for the cop on the spot. Am I gonna be able to keep my license, even though the stuff in the car wasn't mine but I'm gonna get the charge and it will hopefully be a misdemeanor.

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