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Failed ADN Nursing Program at the 4th Nursing Course (need 8 to graduate)

I was a RN student in New York who flunked out of my second chance at Med Surg in Fall 2011 Semester. I was working full time, going to school part time, and had no idea that I had a dangerous Sinus Fungal infection, as well as a Pituitary Adenoma growing on the brain. I was feeling poorly health-wise with headaches, sporadic periods for years, all of which were attributed by my Doctor to my increasing weight gain.

I retired from my job, had surgery for the sinus fungus, and am on medication for the pituitary Adenoma, and have begun working out to lose weight. I followed the chain of command to see if they'd take a look at my extenuating circumstances and possibly allow me back into the program. I was denied at every level. Finally, I contacted a State agency here in New York who contacted my school on my behalf. This agency called me two weeks after I'd contacted them to inform me the Chairperson of the Nursing Dept would like to meet with me.

I met with the chairperson on December 3rd 2012, and she proceeded to tell me that I could take another 24 credits and then re-apply to the nursing program. I explained that there was nothing else for me to take and I brought up my illnesses to her. She said she had heard nothing about my illnesses and could I provide proof. I immediately went home and faxed the doctors reports to her. Again, that was on December 3rd 2012.

I heard nothing from her, so on February 3rd 2013, I called her office to get her directly. I give her my name and asked if a decision had been made on my situation. She had no idea who I was, and I had to remind her of my story. She then said she would be meeting with her colleagues the following Wednesday about my case, and that she'd be getting back to me. I called her a week after the meeting was supposed to occur, left a message on her voice mail and waited for a response. A week later, I hadn't heard from her, so I sent an email. A week after the email, I left another voice mail. As of today, February 27th 2013, I've still not heard back from her.

I have thought of just moving on and applying to another school, but it will be difficult to explain my failing out, I must use this school transcript in order to transfer to another school. I would like to see what this community has to say about the subject, I greatly appreciate your responses.


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One Response to “Failed ADN Nursing Program at the 4th Nursing Course (need 8 to graduate)”

  1. B.N Says:

    I am not clear with something you said here. The school asked you to take 24 credits on what? Is it nursing subjects or in other subjects? That is what they would say. I am a BSN student who failed the nursing program the night before my graduation and was out of the nursing program. I appeal to different levels of authority and my appeal was denied and was out of the program.The only option they suggested is do 12 credit hours within an year and then reapply to the nursing program.But not any assurance that they will admit me. I can understand your situation very well. Finally after trying in different universities and lot of heartaches and sleepless nights, I am admitted to another university by the abundant grace of God Almighty. yes, I really understand the power of Jesus! Now I have to do 24 credits of nursing ( the subjects I received C’s and the one I failed) and 8 hours of bible credits. Thank God! So try in different universities. Don’t lose hope.

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