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I was a RN student in New York who flunked out of my second chance at Med Surg in Fall 2011 Semester. I was working full time, going to school part time, and had no idea that I had a dangerous Sinus Fungal infection, as well as a Pituitary Adenoma growing on the brain. I was feeling poorly health-wise with headaches, sporadic periods for years, [...]
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Hello, I am new grad with my BSN and was wondering the starting pay in Daytona beach, fl..... Any suggestions on hospitals - Florida memorial vs Halifax?
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My father has a medical marijuana card and recently asked if I would consider growing for him as his provider. I would also then have a license to grow, within the defined limits of the law. My question is, is this something I am able to do without affecting my Nursing license in the state of Oregon? Everything would be done by the book of [...]
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