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Reality Unscripted
Feeling Like You're the Only One?

Google is a wonderful thing.

I had been having this weird gunk in my mouth for a few weeks and had no idea what it was. Nor did I want to mention it to anyone because it seemed so bizarre and embarrassing.

So I went to Google. I typed in "white stringy mucous in mouth." (Too much information, I know, but hang in there with me. I have a point.) Lo and behold, it pulled up all kinds of helpful information from people who also complain of "mouth boogers"--as one man called them. Turns out I'm not going to die from cancer of the mouth or embarrassment. It's a side effect of the whitening mouth wash I've been using.

Still don't see my point?

It doesn't matter what may be going on with you, someone else is probably dealing with the same thing. And knowing that can make all the difference for you.

Feeling like you're alone in something can be debilitating. It can cause worry and stress. It can make you feel powerless or inadequate. Knowing there are others in the same situation or with the same thoughts or problems lifts the load you've been carrying by yourself.

That's the point and the beauty of sites like this one. It builds community for a group of people who otherwise may feel alone.

If you're living with people who don't share your anxiety over taking the NCLEX, you can find a hundred people here who feel the same way you do. Girlfriend or boyfriend don't go to work everyday worried they might kill somebody while on the job? Lots of people here do. Certain you're the only nurse "in the closet" with a drug problem? Not so.

If you have a problem or concern that you are having trouble finding support for, post a topic. We may not have all the right answers (though I think all the smartest nurses read, but I think you will find that you're not alone in your issues.

So go ahead, post a topic. See if I'm right.

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3 Responses to “Feeling Like You’re the Only One?”

  1. Donna Says:


    Any hints of a very efficient way to get your meds out in a nursing home? Could sure use a system that works. Too much time passing meds!!

  2. crazychick02 Says:

    I don’t work in a nursing home. I work in a mental hospital. We have these portable cassettes that we carry around to pass our meds. I usually pull the patients’ meds from the med room, put them (still in the package) in cups with the patients’ names on them and the times that the meds are due, and maybe you could pass them one at a time while keeping the others locked in a cart that you push around, or in a locked area closer to the patients. I’m always afraid someone will take the wrong medication, so I don’t leave the meds accessible to the patients.

  3. selms312 Says:

    the system i eventually started using where i work is to use a piece of white tape and write out each room number and the times that their meds are due. i cross the time off as the meds are passed…. don’t worry. you’ll get into a groove.

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