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Reality Unscripted
Spring Fever: Holding On to Hope

Is it just me, or is anyone else suffering from Spring Fever?

It's driving me crazy.  I long for sunshine and warmer days.  I dream of flowering trees and green grass.  I wouldn't even mind my normal Spring allergies kicking in--as long as it meant the seasons were changing.

It happens to me every year.  I start longing for a change.  Mostly of scenery.  I need a little something new to keep me hanging on until I can start complaining about the heat of summer.  I want nothing more than a trip to someplace warm, preferably with a beach.

Unfortunately, it never happens.  Here I sit in Chicagoland waiting.  I watch the weather report for glimpses of hope.  Tonight it happened.  Tuesday it's expected to get into the 70's!  I'm ecstatic!  I keep watching, hoping the turn has come.  But Nooooo.  Thursday a cold front comes through and the temperature is going to plummet again.  Arghh.

Life is kind of like that.  There are times that feel a lot like the end of Winter.  It feels like it will go on forever.  It's dreary.  We're miserable in our current situation, waiting for something to change so we can be happy again.  We feel like we're holding on by a thread to our sanity.  We want to scream.  We're grouchy.

But here's what I'm thinking:  At least it's going to be in the 70's for one day.  If I enjoy the heck out of those few hours, maybe I can hold on until the next time it warms up.  Maybe my soul will be soothed just enough to feel hopeful again.

I think the rest of life is like that.  Generally speaking, most weeks have something to offer that gives us the boost we need to keep going.  The trick is to enjoy it when it comes, and not be disappointed when it doesn't last.

Spring always comes.  Eventually.

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One Response to “Spring Fever: Holding On to Hope”

  1. Paula Says:

    I am right there with you…..looks like it will be happening anytime soon here in Kansas

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