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Rookie Wit & Wisdom
Contagious Moods

Bad days. Everyone has them. Coming from an emotional female, I would know! I have had MANY nights at work when I just didn't want to be there!

It wasn't until I worked all night with any EXTREMELY agitated RN that I realized how MY bad mood affects everyone I work with.

It was so contagious! I came in to work in the ICU that night in the BEST mood. I was happy and excited about tackling my shift and ready to start the night! Then....she walked in. She came off the elevator griping and complaining. And it continued all night long, accompanied with negative comments directed at co-workers, snide remarks under her breath, and a constant state of negativity on her face.

Pretty soon I found myself being negative. Eventually I talked about this wonderful nurse with other co-workers. Negativity had really sunken its nasty claws into our team that night.

I understand fully that she must have had some underlying problem eating at her inside that she didn't share. But then I also realized that I had been like this a time or two, too. I have personally apologized (privately of course) to several individual staff members for the negative vibes that I know I have given off in the work environment.

The point I am trying to make is that even when your home life is crashing down, at the point you enter the doors of your job you must pick up the pieces, put your "big girl panties on," put a little sunshine on your face, and set out to be positive and upbeat for however many hours you have to be there!

It is no one’s fault that your world is collapsing, so don't make them pay. You're not only hurting yourself and how others see you, but you are also affecting the attitudes of those around you.

Your attitude is contagious. Make it a good one!

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One Response to “Contagious Moods”

  1. socretes3 Says:

    And keep in mind that not co-workers aren’t the only ones affected by a bad mood…the patients pick up on that too. You don’t want a patient to not call for assistance when they need it because they don’t want to deal with a grouchy nurse.

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