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Seasoned with Sage
Are You Cut Out to Be a Travel Nurse?

Travel nursing takes a unique skill set as well as a flexible personality.

You know you are cut out to be a travel nurse if you have excellent clinical skills and love to travel. As a travel nurse, you’re constantly on the go, moving from state to state.  This is exciting for individuals who enjoy learning about new cities—their history and culture.

You don’t always know the people in the places you will be moving to, so you will need to be able to make friends easily, be open to change, and have good communication skills.  You should be confident, organized, friendly, and a quick learner.  Flexibility, a positive outlook, and an eagerness to enjoy adventure: these are all important traits that  travel nurses generally possess.

If you get homesick easily, and don’t like being away from friends, family, or your hometown, then travel nursing is probably not for you.  Travel nursing takes you away from those things for several months at a time.  Travel nursing can also put huge strains on relationships and family life, if your significant other or family can’t travel from one location to another.

Each time you are placed at a new location there will be unfamiliarity with the area—this will take time to adjust to.  Because you’re always around change, you must be confident in your skills and be able to adjust to new routines.  Once again, you may need to learn different ways to perform a certain technique—you must be adaptable. So if you don’t like to do things more than one way, this career path might not be for you.

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