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I am planning of going as a travelling nurse in Orlando, Florida. Can anybody tell me how much the hourly rate for nurses in that place?
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Managing Your Career

You may just be embarking on your nursing career but have your sights set on travel nursing. You'll be able to see the world, get great benefits, and hone your problem solving and clinical skills.

But there's a catch: you'll need two years experience first. Here Jeff Long,  marketing manager of Medical Solutions, a staffing company that places nurses in travel nursing jobs, talks about what [...]
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Seasoned with Sage

I've been a travel nurse for about six years. And based on my experience, I don't think there are many other nursing jobs that can compete with travel nursing.

Really...what is there not to love about this job?

Think about it. They pay for your travel to the new job assignment. They provide you with a furnished apt. FREE rent. You don't pay utilities, trash, etc.  You only work 36 [...]
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Rookie Wit & Wisdom

My first assignment as a travel nurse, I often cried or vented on the phone during my 30-minute drive home. I would often pray before work, "God, please get me and my patients safely through this day..."

I know many nurses love the life and adventure of being a travel nurse: a new city, with a nightlife, restaurants, beaches, or other attractions. Lots of people love [...]
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Careers In Focus

Name: Nicole A. Kapalko, R.N., B.S.N.

Job: Travel Nurse

Place of Employment: American Mobile Healthcare, San Diego, CA.  I am currently on assignment at Gwinnett Medical Center in an Atlanta suburb.

How did you find the job? Did you know someone who helped you get your foot in the door?
A fellow nurse referred me to American Mobile—one of the biggest travel companies. When I first started traveling, [...]
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Seasoned with Sage

Travel nursing takes a unique skill set as well as a flexible personality.

You know you are cut out to be a travel nurse if you have excellent clinical skills and love to travel. As a travel nurse, you’re constantly on the go, moving from state to state.  This is exciting for individuals who enjoy learning about new cities—their history and culture.

You don’t always know the [...]
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Rookie Wit & Wisdom

As a traveling nurse, I was sent to check a patient who was close to dying. The night prior to my arrival, he had gone to the ER to have a Foley inserted.

When I arrived at the patient's home, his wife greeted me with, "Oh, nurse, I am so glad you are here! My husband needs to move his bowels, and I cannot [...]
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