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First Annual Travel Nurse Day

Do you enjoy helping others through providing quality patient care as a registered nurse as well as exploring new and exciting destinations? Well, consider joining thousands of nurses like you who get to explore the country while earning a comfortable living. The industry continues to flourish and traveling nurses now have a day dedicated to them – Travel Nurse Day.

Travel nurses have earned this special day for many reasons. But, to name just a few, traveling nurses accept assignments at healthcare facilities that are located across the United States, which includes big cities, rural towns, trauma centers, small community hospitals and large academic institutions. Many of these facilities consistently experience an extraordinary high patient volume. Secondly, the nature of travel nursing requires an ability to adapt to new surroundings and adapt to new technologies since each facility has its own protocols and breadth of medical technology. Traveling nurses are truly flexible and willing to provide excellent care regardless of where the next assignment takes them.

One great benefit is that housing and travel expenses are typically paid for. This means that rent is paid for, even in high-cost cities such as Boston, New York and Los Angeles. Thus, living expenses can be nearly non-existent while on an assignment. This is the ideal opportunity to discover a variety of cities before deciding where to settle down.
The experience that traveling nurses acquire is virtually unmatchable because many assignments are located in leading healthcare facilities that are paving the way in innovation and technology. In addition, traveling nurses may work along side physicians who are practicing groundbreaking surgical procedures, techniques and so forth. Equally gratifying is the opportunity to choose to work at an institution that is dedicated to research and then take part in administering the most modern therapies being developed today.

On a personal level, traveling nurses enjoy the opportunity to create their own work schedule. If one would like to travel abroad over the summer, it is quite easy to schedule a few assignments with that in mind. Additionally, nurses can typically choose their preferred shift. Travel nurses are compensated well, which may include bonuses and benefits. All of this is in addition to overtime and other shift differentials that apply.

Today, on Travel Nurse Day, join us in thanking each traveling nurse for all that they do on a day-to-day basis to make healthcare a positive experience for everyone.

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One Response to “First Annual Travel Nurse Day”

  1. Tristin1 Says:

    In my view travel nursing is one of best professions. I really thank all travel nurses for playing such an important role in society.

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