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Reality Unscripted
Looking Back

As we come to the end of 2008, I thought it would be good for us to do a little RealityRN review.  You know, think about the good, the bad, and the ugly of a year almost gone.

I spent some time reviewing what the "hot topics" have been.  We certainly have covered a lot of ground--that's for sure.  We've talked about drug addiction, the NCLEX exam, impossible co-workers, and delegation.  We've covered making mistakes, insecurities, and being let go after only a few weeks of orientation.  I, myself, have written about goal setting, facing our fears, relieving stress, and being "perfect enough."

I have a few thoughts after re-reading some of our community's comments:

1) We're serious about what we do.

2) We are encouragers.

3) We have a stressful profession.

4) We're all doing the best we can.

5) Some of us like to swear a little too much.

All said and done, I'd say we're a pretty amazing group of people.  I count it a privilege to be one of you.

I want to hear from you: What were the highlights of your year of nursing? And what do you look forward to in 2009?

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3 Responses to “Looking Back”

  1. melhunny46 Says:

    I am a new nurse and still on orientation. My highlight of this year just happened yesterday. I had to call a rapid response on a patient and ended up saving his life. I recognized that he didn’t look right and was able to pick up on how he was not responding to me. I was so proud of myself. I am only caring for 5 patients this week but it was a big accomplishment for me!

  2. Dawn Says:

    Great Job! Keep up the good work. It pays to be observant.

  3. Jean Roberson Says:

    As a nurse educator who ha worked with many nurses and new grads over >30 years, I am very proud of you, too! With Residency programs becoming more common, I have seen new grads acquire their clinical skills sooner, but being able to “put it all together, see the big picture” is something that usually does not occur while the new nurse is still in Orientation.
    This demonstrates that you are using your critical thinking skills, and kept your cool during a tense situation. You show signs of being a nurse leader one day!

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