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1st time dui in CA

I can use all the advice I can get. I am in CA and just received information from the board to take disciplinary action on my license realted to a first time DUI last year. I am very concerned about what this will mean for working in the furture. I belong to a registry where I pick up extra shifts and was just canceled by a hospital because when they reviewed my license they saw on it a "discliplinary accusation" statement. Does anyone have experience with first time DUI issues in Ca?????


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One Response to “1st time dui in CA”

  1. Miranda Says:

    Disciplinary action is usually by case by case basis but mine was also a first time DUI in CA and they revoked my license with a stay with three year probation period including NO registry or travel nursing allowed. Hard to find anybody who will hire you at this point unfortunately…and even this is the eatst of your worries with all the drug testing, meetings and money you will owe the, for three years. It’s ridiculous.

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