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BRN of Ca and DUI conviction

Whether or not you have ever had any work related issues, a DUI conviction results in an accusation from the BRN and they attempt to impose very severe disciplinary action on your license, and presume that the licensee is in need of alcohol rehabilitation. If this has happened to you, stay calm and read very carefully the basis for the charges. Remember, they are not a criminal justice system, and are in force to protect the consumer, who is the patient, or client from unsafe or incompetant nurses, based on the Nursing Practice Act. The conviction must be, as stated in California Business and Professions code section 490..In order for a board to suspend, revoke or impose discilpline the conviction must be "substantially related to the qualifications, functions, or duties for which the licensed was issued." So unless you recieved a DUI while working, it should not relate, and is arguable.

Concerned RN

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2 Responses to “BRN of Ca and DUI conviction”

  1. Miranda Says:

    Arguable yes. But you WON”T win. Mine was not while working and they consider acts such as this part of your duties as a nurse because of morality.

  2. name Says:

    So miranda, what was the outcome with yours? I don’t understand why there is not more information on this??

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