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California RN of 17 years with a dui

In January of this year (2009) I had a dui. I have had no other legal issues or arrests on my record in 27 years. (I did have a misdemeanor dui 27 years ago, long before I became a nurse.) I am very much afraid of what I am going to face as my license renewal is in December, and I have to self report this. I have never been in any trouble with the Board, or had any complaints or any previous action against my license. Is there anyone who might be able to help me understand what would be the most likely outcome for me? I very much appreciate your help!


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3 Responses to “California RN of 17 years with a dui”

  1. susie Says:

    I am so sorry to hear, I am in the same situation in florida…never been arrested or been in any trouble with the board….dont know if I should self report or wait to see if my DUI charges are dropped. Hope everything turns out ok for you. Id love any advise me of what do do Thanks!!!

  2. Concerned RN Says:

    Simone I am curious how your case turned out. The BRN is very intimidating, because this effects one’s livelihood. DOn’t think you can’t fight back!! It has happened and favored for the RN, who has never had any work related issues. A DUI does not effect the qualifications, functions or duties of an RN, unless you were in the line of duty when it happened!! Don’t be intimidated!! FIght back!!

  3. zebsmom2002 Says:

    It would probably be helpful if you contacted the board (anon if you want) and ask what their policy is so you can get a head start on the process & you can keep working while they figure everything out. This may be helpful to you:

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