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Finding a preceptor in Orlando, Florida

I am currently a FNP student looking for a preceptor. It has been the biggest nightmare ever. University of Cincinnati is where I am attending. The biggest part of the problem is that they won't accept you into any hospital, pcan, family planning or health dept because of "contractual issues". Several of my friends have had to sit out up to 2 semesters because of this issue and delayed graduation. I am in desperate need of a preceptor for Sept 2012 in ob/gyn and/or pediatrics. I will drive even and get a hotel if I have to. I joined enp and aanp networks and still no one. Starting tomorrow I am going to be like the pharmaceutical reps and deliver candy and show my face everywhere. If anyone knows or can recommend please let me know. [email protected]
P.S. I am going to individual offices since my hands are tied from doing anything else.


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2 Responses to “Finding a preceptor in Orlando, Florida”

  1. Erin Says:

    I’m in the same situation you are in Kathy trying to find a preceptor for fall atUC. It is very stressful especially since I’m new to the area. Let me know if you find someone good luck.

  2. SOL RN Says:

    Did you find a preceptor? If so…let us know how.

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