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Name: New Grad Nurse

I'm a new grad nurse. I was recently fired from my preceptorship in critical care.

For the first few months, I was trained on the day shift. My preceptor was the charge nurse. While the individual was a good and knowledgeable person they barely had any time to watch over me.

By the second week, I was already basically caring for patients on [...]
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I am currently a FNP student looking for a preceptor. It has been the biggest nightmare ever. University of Cincinnati is where I am attending. The biggest part of the problem is that they won't accept you into any hospital, pcan, family planning or health dept because of "contractual issues". Several of my friends have had to sit out up to 2 semesters because of [...]
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Hi fellows,
I would love to hear from new grads and experienced RNs(Preceptors), why the precetors give hard time to the new graduates and the new grads that had experienced a negative experience with preceptors.
I graduated 2 years ago, and I was fortunate enough to get a job soon. The problem started once one of my former class mate found out I was working in the [...]
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I am in my last semester of nursing school and will be graduating in may 2010. I chose ICU for my speciality rotation and I will be precepting in Ortho/ Neuro for the rest of the semester. I may be mistaken when I say that most of the nurses in ICU are very stressed out and not as accepting and nice as other nurses on [...]
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4 qualities you don’t want in your first coach.

It can be a grab bag: Will you get a good preceptor or a bad preceptor? Often you don’t
know the clear answer to that question until you’re well into your orientation. Then it may
be too late to request a change. Kim Rapper, RN, BSN and Reality RN Senior Advisor, has
had years of precepting experience. She knows the tell-tale signs of a lax preceptor. So you [...]
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7 principles for starting off right.

It is the profession’s worst nightmare: a nurse draws 3 cc’s of insulin instead of 3 units.  Thankfully, a preceptor is there to double-check the dosage. It could have been lethal.

The first few months of most nursing jobs begin with working with a preceptor—a mentor who is by your side to make sure nothing goes amiss.  Whether you are fresh out of nursing school about [...]
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