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How to apply to jobs that don't exist?

I just got over 2 big hurdles in life...nursing school and for the next big hurdle...FINDING A JOB IN A JOBLESS WORLD FOR A NEW GRAD NURSE...

Does anyone have any suggestions as far as where to look for a job, if volunteering is worth doing (already have volunteer experience prior to nursing school), if I should try to get as many extra certifications as possible (PALS,ACLS etc.)?

Please help... any suggestions are welcomed...THANKS!



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One Response to “How to apply to jobs that don’t exist?”

  1. layla Says:

    Rene I’m in the same position you are in!! Its kind of crazy….. especially when we’ve been told there’s a shortage of nurses! I was just thinking about certifications as well. Im bilingual n thought it would be easier to get a job. But that thought is long gone nowadays… I live in DE.. and the market here is dry as the Sahara! All positions require 2-3 years of experience; how can I get experience when I cant get hired?!
    Best of luck to You…

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