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How to keep knowledge while job hunting

I graduated in May with an ADN in nursing. I currently have a couple of per diem jobs, one at a speciality office another doing flu clinics and volunteer for a clinic.

Of course like any new grad I'm searching for that elusive hosptial med/surg job or for that matter any job that will provide me with the experience I feel I need - jobs for new grads seem scarce to say the least.

My question is how do I keep what I learned in the forefront of my brain? As the saying goes use it or lose it and I'm so afraid that I'm going to lose it, while searching for that full-time permanent nursing job!


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One Response to “How to keep knowledge while job hunting”

  1. Kendy Says:

    I suggest go back to your nclex review bks instead of the textbooks because they are overwhelming and write down diseases that you are starting to forget like COPD for example on an index card. Keep the index card with you and review it on your spare time.

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