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Medical marijuana & my nursing license

My father has a medical marijuana card and recently asked if I would consider growing for him as his provider. I would also then have a license to grow, within the defined limits of the law. My question is, is this something I am able to do without affecting my Nursing license in the state of Oregon? Everything would be done by the book of course. I would like to help my father but neither of us wants to jeopardize my nursing liscense/career. Thank you


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5 Responses to “Medical marijuana & my nursing license”

  1. May Says:

    As long as you follow the Oregon Medical Marijuana Law you are in compliance with the state board of nursing. If your dad has his medical marijuana card and he listed you as his grower, he should get a card for you with his paperwork. Once you have the paperwork, or perhaps when you have a copy of your paperwork and the return receipt back from the state when he sent in the paperwork…you are then legal. Be sure to read the law…go to

    Both the state board of nursing and the oregon nurses association should have position statements about medical marijuana. Many nurses associations have endorsed medical marijuana so check out their position papers. The American Nurses Association endorses medical marijuana. I see it helping so many conditions …it’s boggling my mind! Many good reference books out there too such as Cannabis in medical practice. The pot book is also excellent! Your dad is going to feel so much better!

  2. Casey Says:

    Yea but if you smoke it, you’ll loose your license if you get drug tested. Even if you have a medical marijuana card. And check it. The f***in Feds just took all oregon records for the ommp card holders. They now have their address and personal info. So everyone line right up and register as a criminal. That’s what they want!

  3. Angela Says:

    Hi my name is angie and I have question I am going for my nursing license in Ohio at Mercy college. I was wondering if I already have my medical marijuana card can the school stop me from being a nurse?? Even if my doctor recommends me on the marijuana?? thank you.

  4. matt c Says:

    Hello there, im also a registered nurse and im living in new mexico. I am not currently a card holder but i would love to be able to distribute medical cannabis to patients who are in need. Would it be possible to even make a living doing this sort of thing? And might i even be able to grow and distribute medical cannabis full time?

  5. donald orlan Rn Says:

    my question is…rns are registered intheir state and theMMJ card is registered inthat state, do/can the 2 check on cross reference, can the board check to see if you have an MMJ card?

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