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New Grad RN Jobs in Ohio?

I graduated in May 08 from a college in central Ohio. I passed the nclex and received my license this past August.

I have received offers in other states but have no desire to relocate. Does anyone know of any NEW GRAD RN positions in OHIO?

My friends are stuck working non-nurse jobs because no one wants to hire new grads.


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14 Responses to “New Grad RN Jobs in Ohio?”

  1. Maria Says:

    I will also be graduating in May 2009. I am currently at nursing school in Cincinnati but will be moving back home to Cleveland to work at University Hospitals. I know there are a number of positions available for new grads in Cleveland at UH, and I’m sure there are some in Cincinnati, too. I love both cities and the hospitals. If you look in Cincinnati I suggest looking at Good Samaratin Hospital, Christ Hospital, Cincinnati Children’s Hospital (which is nationally ranked), depending on what you are going into. Jewish Hospital is a smaller hospital. I know some people who either love or hate University Hospital – it’s union, too. The VA too, you either love it or hate it; the benefits are amazing, they pay back the majority of your loans and the pay is fabulous, but it is a government position, too. I have worked at Bethesda North Hospital as a nurse intern and currently as a nursing assistant. I personally like the hospital, and I have found many friendly people and the occasional not so friendly people, to work with.
    In Cleveland, I’m an advocate for University Hospital. I have not had too much experience at the Cleveland Clinic, but I really like what I have witnessed at UH. They are a great hospital to work for and truly treat their nurses well. They are also a teaching hospital, too. I have seen on their website that there are positions open for new grads.

    Hope this helps!

  2. amyf5135 Says:

    I don’t know if this will help your search or help you save some time. I am a RN for one of the Mount Carmel hospitals in Columbus, OH and I know the entire Mount Carmel system is on a hiring freeze. I just thought that would be helpful to know if you had applied there. I do know several of the nursing homes in central Ohio are still hiring and offering sign on bonuses/loan reimbursement!! The Sunday edition of Columbus Dispatch is a great place to find their information. Several of nursing homes have huge ads in the Classifieds listing their benefits. I know it may not be hospital work but it’s still nursing! I just graduated in March myself so I know how difficult applying and waiting can be!

  3. mollody2003 Says:

    I too am a new grad, passed the NCLEX and am scouring the job market trying to find an RN position. I do daily job hunts through search engines like,, to name a few. One site not many seem to have though of is the state. Prisons and mental health facilites are hiring, and in some cases are willing to wave that 1+ year of experience everyone wants now. I’d also suggest the federal sites, and the VA, but again, everyone wants you to have that 1+ year of experience, but if noone will hire me I don’t see how I’m going to acquire it. I’ve had more success finding positions to apply to online then through local papers. Hope this helps.

  4. Kirsten Says:

    I too Graduated in May and have yet to find an RN position. I have searched every hospital in the NE Ohio area, but am now afraid of having to take a refresher course since I’ve been out of clinicals so long. Any thoughts?

  5. rngrrl09 Says:

    Kirsten. I don’t know your life situation, but the military has excellent opportunities and will pay if you would like to go for an advanced degree or if you don’t currently have your BSN, will pay for you to obtain it. The state website has positions listed. I’ve heard that the Cleveland Clinic is hiring new grads and that UHHS is starting to bring in new grads. You may want to try some of the subacute/rehab floors in LTC- Montefiore in Beachwood OH is an excellent facility. I’ve also heard excellent things about Grande Village in Twinsburg OH. I wish you well on your job search.

  6. Stooldblilala Says:

    Hello I am currently out of work in Columbus, Ohio. I have applied to most of the job sites more times than I’d care to recall and sent off hundreds of resumes. However, i have not been able to find a single good response to my applications. If anyone knows about particular job site where i can look for a good job, please reply me with the location details. I will be thankful to you for your early response.

  7. SHERLANDE Says:

    DOES ANYONE KNOW ANY NURSING HOME THAT is WILLING TO HIRE A NEW GRADUATE RN,BSN. i am really desperate to start some where.

  8. Diane Says:

    I am also a newly licensed RN. I have contacted many hospitals and other facilities looking for work. All I hear is “experienced only”. I was an Lpn for many years in a nursing home and jobs were always available. I live in Parma Ohio and I really don’t want to find work in another state.
    I will share any info I find in relation to New Grad hires in the Cleveland area.

    Good Luck to everyone!

  9. La Says:

    My employer hires new grad RN’s. Beachwood Pointe Care Center. Beachwood Ohio 23900 Chagrin Blvd 44122

  10. Paula Says:

    Desperate New Grad RN. 6 years Cleveland Clinic experience as nurse tech and behavioral health tech.
    will be losing home soon. Need help

  11. veracious Says:

    Its even worse than ever. I fear my families future with these loans looming and no hospital now will hire without BSN and/or substitution of experience.

    Well, how are we to get experience if no one is willing to give us the chance to get any experience? I mean does this seem illogical to anyone but me? You must have experience or the nurse manager’s won’t think about you, well how did they get nursing experience without having to start out without any. Double standard, they should feel bad.

  12. Lindi Says:

    The Nursing Education Loan Repayment Program can help with loan repayment for those who have the opportunity to work in an underserved area. Their website can give you info about what that involves and who qualifies.

    I would encourage you to continue your education…work on your BSN, or MSN. I sincerely believe the Associates Degree for nurses will be phased out soon.

    You may have to look in places that you would not consider your ideal job in order to get that year of experience. While you are looking, do some volunteer work with a health focus. It will look good on your resume, and help you grow as a person as well.

    Hang in there!

  13. Jessica Says:

    Why would I go back to get my BSN when they don’t even take new BSN graduates. That’s more time and more loans. I don’t see the benifit!

  14. Ryan Says:

    it’s spelled benefit… that’s why you should get educated

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