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I want to get some feedback from anyone who has used a professionally written resume. I am considering it but I'm not sure if it's worth the money. Any and all comments are appreciated.

Thanks - Hope to her from you soon!

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I graduated in May 08 from a college in central Ohio. I passed the nclex and received my license this past August.

I have received offers in other states but have no desire to relocate. Does anyone know of any NEW GRAD RN positions in OHIO?

My friends are stuck working non-nurse jobs because no one wants to hire new grads.

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Managing Your Career
Advice from a nurse recruiter on the first 2 steps to landing your dream job.

Most new nurses spend countless hours gearing up for the interview. But really, the interview is just a fraction of the evaluation process. Before you even meet face-to-face with a potential employer, you must demonstrate through written communication— your application and resume—that you’re a competent professional.

Unfortunately, many new nurses skimp on this important phase of the job-acquisition process.

According to Carolyn Steffel, a nurse recruiter at [...]
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