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My DUI Story

2 years ago I got a DUI.

I am currently on monitorig with the board and recently passed my boards for RN. I have applied at hospitals, nursing homes, rehabs with no luck of getting hired because

1) I can't work nights;

2)I can't work per diem;

3) because I'm on monitoring!

I almost feel like giving up. There is so many stipulations to the boards monitoring I can't get a job. I know Im the one that made the mistake but I was not at work, I have never been in trouble and it will never happen again! A DUI is very serious.

Luckily the only person I hurt was myself. But am I not allowed to make 1 mistake without my life being ruined?


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2 Responses to “My DUI Story”

  1. Concerned RN Says:

    Doris.. I am curious how everything turned out. Yes it is nearly impossible to obtain employment with this discipline in effect…I am currently awaiting the decision from the board..for my DUI. I am fighting back!! I found an attorney who has won a case for an RN, and I have contacted him. RN’s are so fearful of the BRN because we are afraid of losing our livelihhod, that we just bow down and take it! Honestly I think the BRN is overstepping their bounds, and it is up to us to fight back!! Unless you really are an irresponible person who is an addict, then you deserve it. Otherwise, a DUI on your own time and never any work related issues should not be substantial grounds to ruin your career!!!

  2. Miranda Says:

    Agreed. I hired a lawyer as well who has won for nurses. But we lost and I’m nowhere near any kind of time offense with no prior ANYTHING! And I’m still having to take all the crap they dish out. This new board is ridiculous. They have gone too far. Even federal goverment doesn’t punish this oong and hard for FELONIES. It’s beyond ridiculous. Even lawyers and cops get less. They think they are God and they are ridiculous.Makes me sick to have helped people calling myself a nurse in CA ever. I don’t even recommend this job to people anymore because of it. Not worth it.

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