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New grad walking away

Hi, I just graduated and failed the NCLEX, but ok I will keep my head up study again and pass. But here's the problem. I was offered a job but since I didn't pass the NCLEX the hospital took the offer back, then acted like so nasty to me when I inquired about reapplying after passing the NCLEX.

I went on two other interviews but those were shot down when they told me the want me to work nights. I have two small kids, military husband (crazy hours), no family help, and have had horrible experiences with daycare, not to mention the daycare around here operate 6am-6pm, not 7am-7pm or vice versa and 24hr yeah right, not happening.

I have always wanted to be a nurse, I asked nurses questions pertaining to nursing as a career before going for this and was always told "oh you can work 8hr or 12hrs, its so flexible".

What I have found out is besides home health or administrative flexible it is not. During my interviews they basically told me sarcastically, why cant your family watch your kids, your married your husband can watch them, and the well put them in a 24hr daycare,and I told them I could work it out and work 7am-7pm.But nope, they said 7pm-7am or no.

So here I am about to retake the NCLEX, no job offer because no one is willing to work with me (in terms of daycare/family) in work hours and about to say screw it and go back to school and finish my teaching degree.Every home health I called says, no to new grads, hospitals-I cant do 7pm-7am, administration-no exp, so where does that put me.

For there to be a shortage of nurses, they surely are not willing to work with someone with a family in any way. It's your a new grad and work this crappy hours and so what you have a kids, drop them off anywhere.

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2 Responses to “New grad walking away”

  1. DadOf4 Says:

    I’m struggling with the same thing right now. I recently passed the NCLEX. I’m a Dad with 4 daughters an everyone told me (before Nursing school) that there’s so much flexibility, but what I’m finding is that there is not. Not too mention the low pay for new grads. That wasn’t something I was told before nursing school. Not sure where I’m headed.

  2. Hopeful Says:

    Please don’t give up. Rate of pay truly depends on what area of the country you want to work in and the area you want to work in. No one should be in nursing only for the pay. Nursing is about caring for others and helping the patients on the road to wellness. There are over 100 different types of nursing careers available with a basic BSN degree. Perhaps you are looking at nursing with a bit of a jaded eye. You need to be willing to start at the bottom and work your way up. Just because you have your RN doesn’t make you all knowing. You are a new grad and cannot be at the top of the heap. You need to earn that.

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