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Hello everyone! I hope everybody is having a great weekend!

I've often heard people say that it's IMPOSSIBLE to work while going to nursing school. I'm a single parent who gets absolutely NO HELP from anyone--my son is 19 so he can basically fend for himself now, but he is still living at home and is getting ready to attend college himself. He works part-time so [...]
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Hi, I just graduated and failed the NCLEX, but ok I will keep my head up study again and pass. But here's the problem. I was offered a job but since I didn't pass the NCLEX the hospital took the offer back, then acted like so nasty to me when I inquired about reapplying after passing the NCLEX.

I went on two other interviews but those [...]
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Rookie Wit & Wisdom

It started with the aches. I thought, what did I do to my back? Did I pull it or something? Quickly I discovered I had a low grade fever, adequately controlled by Tylenol.

Next day, same thing, not nearly as well controlled. I thought I had some kind of weird vague virus that would pass.

Three days later I sit here in my bed after having to [...]
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Managing Your Career
Yes, you’ve got what it takes!

What would prompt a 45-year-old mother of teenagers to pursue a career in nursing?

Delusional thinking, some might say. At times I thought I was mad. How could I keep up with those tireless, technology-savvy twenty-somethings? Still I couldn’t ignore my inner rumbling. I wanted to do something significant with my life.

When I was younger, nursing was my dream. But I wasn’t the student I needed [...]
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