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New MSICU Nurse: What shift should I start off on?

I was recently hired into MSICU. I am very excited, but also scared to death. I do not have hospital experience, other than my nursing school clinicals. I am not quite brand spanking new, I have 6 months nursing experience in subacute/rehab and LTAC. With that being said, to get the most out of my 1st new hospital position, what shift would you take? What are the pros and cons of starting off on 1st or NOC shift in the ICU? I know that in LTC, NOC's are usually a little slower and NOC nurses are responsible for tons of paperwork. Is there a difference in the acute environment also? Thanks in advance for your assistance.

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One Response to “New MSICU Nurse: What shift should I start off on?”

  1. Angel Says:

    Congrats on your new position. When I first started out I worked 7p-7a and found the unit as a whole worked more as a team. I think in part because there is less hustle and bustle of testing, docs’ families and that sort of stuff. You are still just as busy but in a different way. Night people are more cohesive at least that is what I found out. Good luck

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