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Nurse Practitioner

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Name: jonna
Is 57 too old to become a nurse practitioner? I am a ADN finishing my BSN; am I too old to become an APRN?

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5 Responses to “Nurse Practitioner”

  1. RNgrrl09 Says:


  2. rondodondo Says:

    Yes you are too old. Think of all the student loan debt and then think how much longer you will have to work to pay it off. Let’s face it you are closing in on retirement age and should be looking for ways to save as much as possible not burying yourself in debt. Are you too old to learn……….NO. But do you really want tens of thousands of dollars in additional school loans hanging around your neck. I am 59 and have another 6 years to pay on my loans. I regret that I went back to school at such a late age. It has ruined any hope of early retirement for me….

  3. codylightful Says:

    No, you’re not too old. Let say you live to be 85. That’s 28 more years to go. Stopping because of student loan debt is short-sighted thinking.

    For example, once you have your BSN, you could easily go on and get an MSN, get a 6-figure salary (i.e. NP, NA, HD, etc.), and then easily pay off your student loan debt in under 5 years. So you could easily be a 65-year-old and be making a six-figure income with no debt. How’s that sound for retirement?

    You’re never too old to get more education. You’re never too old to learn more to better help people.
    Go for it.

  4. FNP-BC Says:

    You are not too old- in fact I think your life experiences will make you uniquely suitable to be an NP. As for the stupid comment about making 6 figures- that is a bunch of bullshit. I am a Family Nurse Practitioner. The only way you can make that salary is with years of experience and work in a specialty clinic depending on the state. As for the no debt, yet another stupid comment from codylightful, who is obviously not an NP. In order to have loan repayment, you must work in a HPSA qualified site (usually rural area in family practice) NOT specialty clinics. As for easily going on to get BSN, that can happen, but to be a great NP, you need experience as an RN. As far as my background, I was an ICU nurse for 13 years, and am a FNP, National healthcare corps scholar recipient

  5. rondodondo Says:

    I suggest you look at average salaries IN YOUR AREA to determine if it is fiscally sound. Better yet why not consult with a financial planner to really look at the best use of your money. Additionally how do you think you will fare up against a candidate that is 28-32 y/o when you are in your 60’s? People will tell you there is no age discrimination, but we both know better……….

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