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Name: jonna
Is 57 too old to become a nurse practitioner? I am a ADN finishing my BSN; am I too old to become an APRN?
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I've gone to the same school for awhile, and all I have left are my clinical s. Last yr I began and 5 weeks into them,I began to feel wierd and sick most of the time. Thought it was stress and I had to leave because it was stealing my sleep at night and I wasn't able to concentrate on things and I became fearful [...]
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In the last 10 years I have been down-sized, laid off, and company went out of business. At 52 I want to become an RN.
What are the prospects for a new 55 y/o male nurse?
Am I too old??
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will age play a factor if i want to enroll in the nursing program; i am 56's?

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