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Nurses are God's gift to humanity but are the devil's punching bag

Here is my two cent philosophy about the origin of stress in nursing, which causes nurses to abuse alcohol,food,illicit activities and drugs. Caring for other human beings is a privilege and a gift from God. Which I am grateful to do for over 20 years as an RN. I feel pride in the younger people who are excited about joining the profession because they see only the good about the profession. Note the helping professions seem to take their greatest toll on these professionals on a daily basis. First of all it is very difficult to enter RN school, graduate and pass the boards, work at a job more than 2 years without burn out, just when you are at your pinnacle of sucess then tragedy strikes. In nursing this is the beginning of sorrows. We nurses give our all to our patients and when we make a mistake by becoming addicted to alcohol or drugs. We become social outcasts and misfits unable to find new work when on an Alcohol Restriction as the Nursing Board and Health Care feels we of little worth. For those with addictions they are used up cast out and might as well give up. I got into trouble for a one time alcohol. I havent' been able to get a nursing job for over a year. Every time I have an interview I am turned down because of my restriction. It may be lifted at the beginning of next year who knows. I would advise those who seek nursing as a profession to think twice; I have a MSN and have spent my whole adult life gaining education and knowledge to help me in nursing. But after one mistake my career is essentially ruined. Look at the Nursing magazine with all the people on probation for all kinds of reasons. We are put on public display for shame. Do they do this to Lawyers, Doctors or other professions? I think not. Just watch out for those in power who would trample you under foot.

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2 Responses to “Nurses are God’s gift to humanity but are the devil’s punching bag”

  1. michelle ceo Says:

    one book ya never want to be in is the one published by the BON. hang tough sista, stay straight, and you will work in the field you love, sober with a new attitude. pleeeze do not give up. remember you are smart, caring, and have a goal to be free of restriction. It happens now do it, you are in my prayers

  2. just a nurse Says:

    Hang in there! This is just a minor bump in the road, the restriction will not last forever, be grateful you still have your license and that you are alive. I totally agree with you though, nurses still continue to beat up their own. I wonder how many nurses give it a second thought when they have their glass of wine with dinner then decide to drive somewhere…or go out with the group at the end of shift….do they really know the consequences they put themselves at risk for?

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