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Should I ask for overtime pay?

I am a newgrad working as OR-RN.

Everyday I work 9.5 hours. Sometime I don't even take my lunch but lunch hours but time is deducted from my total hours. Paycheck only shows 40 hours no matter how long I worked.

Does any one has any solution to this problem? I feel like I am being cheated by hardworking.

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3 Responses to “Should I ask for overtime pay?”

  1. mannaRN Says:

    That is illegal for them to not pay for your the time you are working.

    On my unit if we do not get a lunch we write it in our payroll book saying “no lunch too busy” and you should get paid for your lunch if you are not taking them. also, is there a way for to check your time for the week. We have a computer program that allows me to check my time in and time out for each day and it keeps track of it and i can check it to make sure my pay is right.

    Maybe call human resources and ask your hospitals policy so you are informed on what is going on and explain to them your situation and they should be able to shed some light and give you the information you need so you can approach your unit director.

    Good Luck.

  2. Jenny Says:

    You should definitely get paid for your overtime. It’s against the law and the hospital can have a lawsuit filed against them if they aren’t paying people appropriately.

    In regards to your lunch, however, make sure you are familiar with your unit/hospital policy. On my unit, we are required to give the Charge Nurse notice if we think we will be too busy for a lunch. She then has to try to find coverage for those 30 minutes, and if she isn’t able to do so, THEN you clock “no lunch” and get overtime. If you think that you’re too busy, let your Charge Nurse know and ask if she can find someone. It’s really important to take that 30 minute break, both for you and your patients 🙂

  3. Brittany Says:

    I agree with the two above posts… darn tootin you should be getting your well deserved pay. And you shoudl also be getting time to sit down and have a break/lunch. And yes I would check into your hospitals policy about breaks…I know on my unit we get paid lunch.. we basically eat and work at the same time. Everyone usually goes to the cafeteria and munches down while we chart on the computer in the nurses station. If we are needed by a patient we are still technically “on the clock” so we just go attend to what we need to but they allow us to finish our lunch and get paid for it at the same time. I would find out who you need to talk to about it and give them a call for sure. It’s only fair..

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