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I am a newgrad working as OR-RN.

Everyday I work 9.5 hours. Sometime I don't even take my lunch but lunch hours but time is deducted from my total hours. Paycheck only shows 40 hours no matter how long I worked.

Does any one has any solution to this problem? I feel like I am being cheated by hardworking.
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Rookie Wit & Wisdom

I have been a nurse for nine months and work in a busy ER outside of Washington DC. I often find myself dealing with "Frequent Flyers" and people who misuse the emergency system (i.e., I'm fairly certain the rash you've had for six months did not just today become an emergency).

I am really struggling with how to deal with some of these difficult patients. I [...]
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Rookie Wit & Wisdom

I am a 4th-year BSN student , and part of our OB clinical experience was to follow an OB/GYN last week.  It was a horrible experience.

First, I was put in a room with 3rd-year med students, which was great because I introduced myself and got to chat with them about their program.

Then I waited over an hour for someone to acknowledge me.  (I was escorted [...]
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Seasoned with Sage

As Doctor Pru stood there reading the file her mouth turned down into a frown.

"Who triaged this patient?" She called out across the room to anyone who would pay her attention. Everyone ignored her except me. I knew whose file she had and I knew she'd make a fuss, not because there was a problem, but because she loved to pick faults and seemed to [...]
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Rookie Wit & Wisdom

I am a brand-new nurse--just two weeks off orientation. I am 20 years old but look a few years younger. I have had issues with two PCTs who are probably in their 50s, and have worked together on my floor for about 30 years. I haven't had issues with any of the other PCTs.

One issue: They feel insulted if I ask them if they did [...]
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Rookie Wit & Wisdom

When I first started as a new nurse, I had 2-3 patients on my own for the first week. I was given 7 patients after the first week, and then the next day 8!

My preceptor told me to handle all the patients, and if I needed her, to come ask any questions. I handled it the best way I knew how.

But when I asked [...]
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Nurse Relationships
How to bring unity back to nursing.

What nurse hasn’t heard the phrase “Nurses eat their own.”? You’ve probably witnessed it at some point in your career. Or maybe you’ve personally experienced the burn of cattiness, gossip, condemning verbal attacks, or bullying.

Plain old meanness seems to pervade nursing, and you wonder, Is there anything I can really do about it?

Letting this behavior go on will progressively change nursing for the worse. We’re [...]
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Rookie Wit & Wisdom

Working the night shift on a Labor & Delivery floor, I often know what’s going on with the laboring mother-to-be better than the doc does. And sometimes, I actually have to tell the doctors what needs to be done.

Of course that’s a challenge. Who am I? I think. They’re the doctor. They know best; they are “above” me. But when you are looking out for [...]
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Rookie Wit & Wisdom

In the OR things can get hairy—real fast. And in those moments of peril, doctors seem to be the most disrespectful of nurses.

I’ve had doctors yell at me for not having what they needed in the room. They bawl, “Hey, nurse, why isn’t such-and-such instrument/med ready? Why isn’t it here? I need it now!”

In those moments, I cover my name badge and say, “Do you [...]
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Reality Unscripted

In 2008 I will:

Be more patient with difficult patients.

Be more patient with difficult families.

Be more patient with myself.

Be more assertive with difficult doctors.

Be less difficult to work with.

Be more assertive with anyone who keeps me from giving my patients the best possible care.

Be more accepting of working the crummy shifts.

Be more accepting of being the "new nurse".

Stop spending more than I have so I don't [...]
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