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Reality Unscripted
It's Not About You, Doc

My brother-in-law is not a fan of RealityRN. I'd feel bad about that if he were a plumber or banker or especially a nurse. Instead, his dislike helps me know we're right on track. He's a doctor.

He doesn't like the cartoons. He doesn't see the humor. He doesn't like the comments about doctors making mistakes or being mean to nurses. I guess he thinks we're painting docs in a bad light. The thing is, all of this site is based on real life experiences. I can promise you my brother-in-law is an amazing MD who treats patients and staff with the utmost respect. He probably works with other MD's who are just like he is.

But this site isn't about his experiences, it's about yours. It's about how it feels to be "managed" in a setting where the power structure doesn't include you, how it feels to be powerless. It's about learning to love your job in spite of the fact you work with doctors just like the ones portrayed in our cartoons. It's a place where new nurses can talk about the intimidation factor, and how, too often, doctors (or other nurses) use it to their advantage.

We know not all docs are bad. In fact, most of the ones I've worked with over the years have been wonderful. But stereotypes don't appear out of thin air. There is truth in there somewhere.

We are not a doctor-bashing site. We are a pro-nurse site. We hope that in the process of helping nurses, we will not only laugh at the docs - but at ourselves as nurses, too.

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