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Reality Unscripted
New Nurse Resolutions

In 2008 I will:

Be more patient with difficult patients.

Be more patient with difficult families.

Be more patient with myself.

Be more assertive with difficult doctors.

Be less difficult to work with.

Be more assertive with anyone who keeps me from giving my patients the best possible care.

Be more accepting of working the crummy shifts.

Be more accepting of being the "new nurse".

Stop spending more than I have so I don't have to keep working extra shifts.

Stop thinking about work when I'm not there.

Stop blaming others when things don't go right.

Be more gracious.

Be more empathetic.

Sleep more. Play more. Exercise more. Smile more.

Remember each day why I decided to become a nurse.

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4 Responses to “New Nurse Resolutions”

  1. Melissa Granger Says:

    What a wonderful thing to hang up on your locker at work!! I love it!

  2. Kristen Warrick Says:

    Good things to recite to self before going into work…..

  3. n00bienurse Says:

    Grant me the serenity to accept the shifts I cannot change, the courage to call the doctor at 3 am, and the wisdom to know what is not imperative for the doctor to know at 3am.

  4. Christian Polinag Says:

    i want to add something on the resolution….
    avoid monsters at work!

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