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Reality Unscripted
Relieving Stress

My husband got back a couple weeks ago from a 5-day fly fishing adventure in Montana. For him, this is as close to heaven as this earth offers. Standing in a cold mountain stream. Watching the snow falling. Catching Brook Trout (I have no idea what he actually catches, but that's the only fish name I could think of). Letting said fish go. Being alone in his head.

This is how he relieves stress.

Personally, I don't get it.

He also loves to go pheasant hunting. Something about getting up before dawn, sitting in tall grass and shrubs, freezing his butt off and waiting for a bird to fly over head gives him a thrill. Again, I'm clueless. Has no one introduced the man to a beach?

What I do understand is the need to relieve stress. Relief comes to each of us in different forms. But for each of us, it is crucial. We all carry around the pressures and anxieties of our everyday life. At times the loads are heavier than others. Sometimes we need a vacation. Sometimes all it takes is a drink with friends...or a little retail therapy.

What's important is figuring out what works for us and fitting it in.

One of my stress relievers is online Solitaire or Sudoku. Five or ten minutes is all I need to take a breath and leave my world for a little bit. My husband is about as enthusiastic about that as I am about fly fishing, but it doesn't matter. He knows not to give me dirty looks. (And have I mentioned that it's tons cheaper than flying to Montana?) We respect each other's need to regroup. In fact, it only improves our own lives to let the other de-stress!

I'd encourage you to think about the ways you deal with stress. Do you have some low-, mid- and, high-range stress relievers? Anything you can pull out of your pocket for that annoying encounter with a co-worker? Something you do after a bad day at work or school? Anything that breathes new life into you after months of getting the life sucked out of you?

We all need to plan ahead for these things, because there is absolutely no way to avoid them. Stress comes. Stress builds. Stress spills over. Stress is one of the main reasons we have patients!

Knitting anyone?

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5 Responses to “Relieving Stress”

  1. Angie Says:

    I am seriously involved with knitting, the on-line knitting community and close-by “real” knitters. I can enjoy the fibre, designing or figuring out others’ designs and making the world more beautiful.

  2. sona Says:

    I have horses, and just going out and brushing them if it is cold out, or riding if the weather permits is my biggest stress relief.

  3. Kim Says:

    I love playing volleyball and to me, no matter how stressful or tired I am after a hard day, Volleyball is the perfect way to take my mind off it and just have fun. For a bigger stress reliever – getting out of town and going somewhere warm is wonderful. Hiking, climbing, going to a beach, or just sitting in the warm sun and reading a book make me feel as though all the pressure has been lifted off (even if only temporarily). It gives me new perspective and I feel rejuvinated to go back and keep on keeping on:)

  4. Melissa Granger Says:

    I love to scrapbook pictures. It is a wonderful stress reliever. And shopping always works too, but then you need money and that is not always an option. 🙂

  5. Cherrie Says:

    Coming home from a hard days work, I listen to music. I would have my computer turned on and just listen to mp3s while checking email or cleaning up a bit around the house. I love to play my piano. The sound of piano playing really calms me down.

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