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Can someone be manipulating my exam scores?

Can someone be manipulating my exam scores?

I have been accepted into a nursing program and I'm retaking two classes that I have failed.

In my college, you only have two chances for failing, so if I would fail once more (regardless of which class), I would be kicked out of the program. The specific problem that I'm having is that I have taken only test 2 test and I have really bad scores, scores that when we (the whole class going over the answers with the test with the professors).

I noticed a major difference in the amount that I counted wrong on the review compared to my official score (meaning that I counted 5 wrong for example, and when the official scores came in, it was like 3 times that).

I spoke to both of my professors and both of them gave two different reasons as to why this could be. But know I'm beginning to think (and I hope that I'm wrong) that maybe someone could be manipulating my scores. I have been seen a lot in my life (I'm not a young person) I understand that there are things like personal interest, hidden agendas, politics, etc., that could be at play here.
I have heard these programs need to keep certain grades by students, so that these programs can exist. Maybe someone thinks that I'm one of the weakest students, so maybe that person wants me out, and could be manipulating my scores in order for me to fail. I really don't want to think that this is the case, but if it is, what could I do to fix this problem?

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One Response to “Can someone be manipulating my exam scores?”

  1. GID Says:

    Go and ask your instructor politely to see your scantron and the test questions. I’ve never heard of a program that will not allow a test review and won’t allow you to see what you actually scored and how. If they are withholding these things, go to the head of the program, if that person will not comply, go to the college administration. Do a search on grievances and file one. And good luck. You are paying big money and spending all your time on this pursuit, you deserve to see where you are going wrong so you can learn from it and also to see if it’s a mechanical error in the grading method.

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