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Can someone be manipulating my exam scores?

I have been accepted into a nursing program and I'm retaking two classes that I have failed.

In my college, you only have two chances for failing, so if I would fail once more (regardless of which class), I would be kicked out of the program. The specific problem that I'm having is that I have taken only test 2 [...]
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Hi after years of working in the administrative and legal field I have changed my major even though I have a degree. I decided to go back to school for nursing because I love taking care of people. Now that I am in, I am having a hard time in my Theory class. I failed 2 test and have 2 more left to take. I [...]
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I failed the dose calculation test, I feel I have a math issue.. and have been tested for math anxiety, I am wondering if anyone else has had this issue??

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