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Can someone be manipulating my exam scores?

I have been accepted into a nursing program and I'm retaking two classes that I have failed.

In my college, you only have two chances for failing, so if I would fail once more (regardless of which class), I would be kicked out of the program. The specific problem that I'm having is that I have taken only test 2 [...]
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I've gone to the same school for awhile, and all I have left are my clinical s. Last yr I began and 5 weeks into them,I began to feel wierd and sick most of the time. Thought it was stress and I had to leave because it was stealing my sleep at night and I wasn't able to concentrate on things and I became fearful [...]
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Reality Unscripted

You may be in a job you love.  You may be in a job you hate.  No matter where you're currently at, you have the potential to make the job worse.  Here are a few ways to do it:

1) Always be the needy one. If you're always the one needing help with getting everything done and never offer to help someone else, the other nurses [...]
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Seasoned with Sage

When I first graduated nursing school 25 years ago I started out on an adult Med/Surg unit. Because I worked as a nurse aide during school in the float pool, I knew many of the nurses on that floor to begin with. However, by the time I started there was a different nurse manager (back then "head nurse") and some newer faces.

The head nurse was [...]
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Nurse Relationships
A look at nurse-to-nurse hostility and why it occurs.

A man walked past a few kids with a bucket of sea crabs. One of the crabs was crawling to the top of the bucket, so the man told the boys to get a lid. “Mister, you don’t know anything about crabs,” the boys said. “As soon as that crab gets to the top, the others will pull him right back down. Never fails.”

The expression [...]
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Nurse Relationships
How to bring unity back to nursing.

What nurse hasn’t heard the phrase “Nurses eat their own.”? You’ve probably witnessed it at some point in your career. Or maybe you’ve personally experienced the burn of cattiness, gossip, condemning verbal attacks, or bullying.

Plain old meanness seems to pervade nursing, and you wonder, Is there anything I can really do about it?

Letting this behavior go on will progressively change nursing for the worse. We’re [...]
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Rookie Wit & Wisdom

I work at a hospital where nurses more frequently deal with residents than with attendings.

On one level, it’s a lot of fun, because there’s great camaraderie. They’re learning just like we (new nurses) are. We ask them questions, and they ask us questions. Sometimes we even step in and offer advice when they’re doing a procedure wrong, or point out when they’ve forgotten something, like [...]
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