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leaving an evil instructor - for another school

I've gone to the same school for awhile, and all I have left are my clinical s. Last yr I began and 5 weeks into them,I began to feel wierd and sick most of the time. Thought it was stress and I had to leave because it was stealing my sleep at night and I wasn't able to concentrate on things and I became fearful that I would make a mistake and someone may suffer because of my mistake. I later found out that I was beginning menopause and it hit me HARD! This year I decided to go back and my clinical instructor decided that I am too old to be a nurse and she told me that she was going to do everything in her power and I would not pass anymore skills. I stuck it out for another week and I couldn't take her evilness anymore. We had 8 students in my clinical group and only 3 made it thru. She had her picks and of you werent one of them, then your gone. I reported her to the coordinator and the dean and they both said they didn't care what she does. I've registered at another school which Ive heard has instructors who care about their students. I don't mind the toughness of the program, that's expected, but evil, rotten, nasty instructors need to disappear. Im 48 and I am NOT too old to be a nursing student or a nurse. And I will not be kept down...

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One Response to “leaving an evil instructor – for another school”

  1. Patty Johnson Says:

    Wow,congratulations on your persistence to fight for what you believe in. I went to nursing school as an “older” student, too. My motivation to entroll in nursing school was because my daughter died, and I wanted to know why. You’re right, it’s a struggle, and some of the instructors are playing a power-control game. The sad part is that once we’re out in the real nursing world, with our nursing license, things can be tough there, too.

    I just read a book, NO OTHER MEDICINE, that was written by a nurse who isn’t afraid to tell it like it is. This books should be required reading in all nursing programs — or at least while we’re waiting for the results of our state boards.

    If you google NO OTHER MEDICINE and the author’s name, you can find the book on It’s on in both paperback and Kindle. It may be on eBay, too, but I haven’t checked that out yet.

    This is the best kept secret from nursing students and new nurses. But we need to support each other and READ THIS BOOK, to find out what’s really going on inside the healthcare arena today.

    Good luck with your nursing education and professional career.

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