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Reality Unscripted

Is it your job to be the moral conscience of your floor/unit/clinic?

A nurse recently wrote, “I caught a co-nurse slipping drugs into pocket for personal use. What should I do?

I prefer the gray answer of “it depends.” If he or she is taking Lipitor, Zyrtec, or a Z pak, I would let it go. If, however, they’re taking narcotics, that’s a different story. [...]
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Handling Stress
How to replenish your energy for work.

Extreme tiredness, negative feelings, weight gain, and marital problems.

One moment, Kayla thought she was depressed and that medication would help. Another moment, she thought her husband was the problem and that she should quit her marriage.

But Kayla wasn’t depressed. She suffered from something that affects many professional caregivers.

In recent years, Mary Jo Barrett, author and social worker from the Center for Contextual Change, in Elmhurst, [...]
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