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Managing Your Career

Have you participated in a nurse residency program? Where at? How intense was the competition? And would you recommend it?

Nurse residency programs-geared to ease the transition from new nurse to competent nurse-are increasing in number and popularity. When you take a look at the benefits, you can see why the competition for a spot is fierce.

According to Jean Roberson, MS, RN, BC, who coordinated a [...]
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Visitor Topics

I graduated in June, got married in July, moved in July and decided to wait a little while until finally starting a new job in Dec. I found a residency in an ER thats really close to my house, and I was really excited. However now that I've been there for 4 weeks, I'm feeling sooooo overwhelmed. The first week and a [...]
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According to preceptor Kim Rapper, RN, BSN, new nurses should expect their preceptors to act differently at the end of the precepting experience. Rapper points out the signs of a healthy precepting relationship at the end of orientation—and they might surprise you.

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