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One of my shifts last week had an interesting mix of scheduled RN's. I was working with woman who were twice my age. My frustration stems from them constantly asking for help putting me behind. At times, I look at them freaking out and getting behind after they have had routine coffee breaks and chatting about life. They are nice and sweet [...]
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Visitor Topics

I have a question about Nursing Seniority.  We are having a bit of an issue on our unit between the "old" nurses and the "new" ones. Or, as our people put it, the senior vs the junior nurses. Sounds suspiciously like high school to me. The nurses with the most seniority feel they should get the best shifts, the most and first choice vacations, less [...]
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Seasoned with Sage

Nursing is all about learning.  If you think it's all about the patient, then you're missing the big picture.

I remember one of my clinical instructors praising me for a care plan I had written; it received the highest grade that particular week.  Her caveat: listen and learn during clinical so I could improve.

Laziness prevailed.

The next week, I wrote essentially the same care plan. This time [...]
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According to preceptor Kim Rapper, RN, BSN, new nurses should expect their preceptors to act differently at the end of the precepting experience. Rapper points out the signs of a healthy precepting relationship at the end of orientation—and they might surprise you.

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Reality Unscripted

I do my best thinking in the shower. I should probably take more. Yesterday I was thinking about a friend who got married over the weekend and the new season of life she's entered. New nurse, new bride, new stress.

Here's the thing about seasons. They come and they go. That's important to remember. Especially the going part. Some [...]
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Reality Unscripted

So I have a question for you. When is the right time to quit your job? When do you just take a deep breath and start the process of moving on?

I was never one of those people who kept one eye on the want ads. Maybe you're one of those who do. I've always been content with where I am; I'm not fond [...]
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Interacting With Patients

Congratulations! It’s Nurses Day. You’ve made it through another year—or perhaps you’re inching your way through your freshman year. While you’ve experienced the joy of changing patients’ lives, you no doubt have encountered daily struggles and frustrations that most people in other professions would crumble because of.

Enjoy a hearty chuckle at the fun poked at the not-so-glamorous parts of nursing. The list has been around [...]
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4 bits of advice before you ditch your preceptor.

Fight or flight. It’s the choice we’re given when faced with a difficult situation. When it comes to a failing precepting relationship, most new nurses choose the latter—and want to scrap their preceptor for a new-and-improved model. Kim Rapper, RN, BSN and a veteran preceptor, says to listen up: Your preceptor won’t be perfect, and you probably will have some conflicts. But that doesn’t mean [...]
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Nurse Relationships
A look at nurse-to-nurse hostility and why it occurs.

A man walked past a few kids with a bucket of sea crabs. One of the crabs was crawling to the top of the bucket, so the man told the boys to get a lid. “Mister, you don’t know anything about crabs,” the boys said. “As soon as that crab gets to the top, the others will pull him right back down. Never fails.”

The expression [...]
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Rookie Wit & Wisdom

The seasoned nurses on my floor have called me a complaining, spoiled brat.

Okay, maybe I complained.

I guess I felt justified. Just out of nursing school, I suddenly was working nights, weekends, holidays--all the hard shifts. I wasn’t used to not being able to spend “normal” time with my friends and family; it was a difficult transition.

When I expressed my frustration--said something like, “I’m tired,” or [...]
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