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Seasoned with Sage

"Such a waste!"

Those were painful words to hear from a colleague after she learned that I was using my nursing degree in a new way.

For the past year, I've been working in Nursing Informatics at the hospital where I am employed.  It embraces where nursing is headed in the 21st century.

I'm excited about the direction of my career-even if it isn't where I slated it [...]
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Nurse Relationships
How to bring unity back to nursing.

What nurse hasn’t heard the phrase “Nurses eat their own.”? You’ve probably witnessed it at some point in your career. Or maybe you’ve personally experienced the burn of cattiness, gossip, condemning verbal attacks, or bullying.

Plain old meanness seems to pervade nursing, and you wonder, Is there anything I can really do about it?

Letting this behavior go on will progressively change nursing for the worse. We’re [...]
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Handling Stress
How new nurses can banish their negative self-talk.

Everyone has to work to stay positive. It’s human nature to focus on what went wrong. As a new nurse faced with situations that are terrifying and challenging, you have to work doubly hard at it.

All new nurses have been there: at a point of giving up because they’ve repeatedly told themselves they know nothing and will never get it all right. But you will. [...]
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