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Nurse Relationships
A look at nurse-to-nurse hostility and why it occurs.

A man walked past a few kids with a bucket of sea crabs. One of the crabs was crawling to the top of the bucket, so the man told the boys to get a lid. “Mister, you don’t know anything about crabs,” the boys said. “As soon as that crab gets to the top, the others will pull him right back down. Never fails.”

The expression [...]
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Nurse Relationships
How to bring unity back to nursing.

What nurse hasn’t heard the phrase “Nurses eat their own.”? You’ve probably witnessed it at some point in your career. Or maybe you’ve personally experienced the burn of cattiness, gossip, condemning verbal attacks, or bullying.

Plain old meanness seems to pervade nursing, and you wonder, Is there anything I can really do about it?

Letting this behavior go on will progressively change nursing for the worse. We’re [...]
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Rookie Wit & Wisdom

Working the night shift on a Labor & Delivery floor, I often know what’s going on with the laboring mother-to-be better than the doc does. And sometimes, I actually have to tell the doctors what needs to be done.

Of course that’s a challenge. Who am I? I think. They’re the doctor. They know best; they are “above” me. But when you are looking out for [...]
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4 qualities you don’t want in your first coach.

It can be a grab bag: Will you get a good preceptor or a bad preceptor? Often you don’t
know the clear answer to that question until you’re well into your orientation. Then it may
be too late to request a change. Kim Rapper, RN, BSN and Reality RN Senior Advisor, has
had years of precepting experience. She knows the tell-tale signs of a lax preceptor. So you [...]
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Seasoned with Sage

I talked with one new nurse who said that 50% of the time she was really good at delegating. The other 50%?  She admitted, “I end up doing the task that a CNA should be doing—because I’m not strong enough to insist upon it. And then I beat myself up, because I realize I should have persisted. I wouldn’t fall behind on my work if [...]
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Rookie Wit & Wisdom

It’s a wise adage: “If you don’t want something shared, don’t say it.”

As a nurse, I’ve learned that you have to assume that whatever you say is going to be shared. I’m very private regarding what personal matters I share at work. But that didn’t stop another nurse from spreading lies about me.

She was flat out lied about a work-related issue--and it was my word [...]
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Interacting With Patients
How nurses can help patients who need extra emotional support.

You can’t meet each patient’s emotional needs. You’d never be able to leave your work behind. Or get anything done. But there are times when some patients need a little extra support and will drop hints to get you to respond.

What are those hints and how do you sensibly help? Read this interview with RealityRN Senior Advisor CeCe Grindel, PhD, RN, CMSRN, FAAN, to learn [...]
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Reality Unscripted

In the last blog we established that if you're in a job you hate, you need to find another one. If you hate your job, how effective a nurse can you really be? That's the question I want to take a look at now.

Contrary to what my last entry may have sounded like, I believe in being a change agent for our profession. [...]
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Managing Your Career
How to make connections that will help your career.

Like every other professional, nurses need networks because they are an invaluable source of information and opportunities. A network is like a treasure chest. And you can put wonderful things in it that you never know when you’re going to need to pull out. For example, you might dig into your chest when looking for a new job, when looking for advice on the job [...]
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Reality Unscripted

You've just finished your fourth twelve-hour shift. You're exhausted. You're looking forward to a few days off. All you can think about is sleep. After a day of unconsciousness, you'll try to catch up on laundry, errands, and friends. The hours off already feel too short.

That's when you see her.

Your supervisor is headed your direction. She has that "I need a favor" look in her [...]
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